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Measure the luminosity of your apartments with Solen App

What Foncia says

“Innovative service that meets a real customer demand,
Foncia is proud to go along and follow this startup !”
“Solen is a true asset for the commercialization
of all our futur programs”
“The luminosity is an essential information
for me in the choice of my future apartment”
Arnaud Viallaneix
Head of Marketing for Foncia
Christophe Dumesnil
Sales consultant,
Bouygues Immobilier
Emilie Deschamps

What is a luminosity certificate ?

Our certificate delivers 3 different information :

Direct sunshine
Hours of direct sunshine per days
Natural luminosity
The actual room luminosity (glass area, overlook)
The light quality
Is the natural light enough to read a book?

Solen App

Solen Live
Project the trajectory of the sun in augmented reality during your visits, for every day of the year
Create a Solen certificate
Measure the luminosity and sunshine by yourself thanks to a very simple taking pictures protocol
See the certificate result
Get precise information about each room sunshine and luminosity level
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